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As expert Customs brokers in Brisbane, Cargoconnect can ensure your cargo complies with the relevant legislations and procedures in order for  your goods pass smoothly into Australia without delay.

Importing your goods without the assistance of a Brisbane Customs broker, may result in delays and additional costs if the necessary processes are not adhered to.

Cargoconnect can provide expert Customs / Quarantine advice and assistance to ensure your goods arrive in full, on time and within your budget.


What exactly does a Brisbane Customs Broker do?

Our expert customs brokers in Brisbane help businesses to ensure all necessary paperwork, duties & taxes are applied once your shipment lands in Brisbane. 

In order for goods to pass through Australia’s borders, they must comply with all relevant local Customs and Quarantine procedures to ensure smooth passage to your door. These include checking that the correct Import Tariffs are applied, the goods are accompanied by any necessary Import Permits or certificates and the compiling all necessary shipping documents in line with the Customs and Quarantine procedures. Customs Brokers are experts in all areas of importation regulations and act as an agent on your behalf to prepare and submit all necessary documents to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Biosecurity.

Cargoconnect has been assisting Importers with customs clearance for many years and from a wealth of experience can assist in creating a smooth  passage through Australian Border Control for many different types of goods.

We understand the concerns that may be associated with Border Control and work around the clock to ensure everything is in order for the arrival of your goods. Less time in transit equals swifter turnaround to your client.

When should I engage a Customs Broker?

Ideally, we recommend you contact Cargoconnect  before shipping your freight to Brisbane to avoid any unforeseen complications at the border. However, if you have freight in transit, or possibly held in a Bonded Store, we can assist in providing the swiftest possibility for clearing your goods through Customs and Biosecurity.

Cargoconnect is a Full Service Brisbane Logistics provider offering everything from Customer Brokerage, to Freight Forwarding and Warehousing. This allows us to provide an unmatched level of service in the logistics industry and sets us apart from the competition.

Contact your local experts in Brisbane Customs Brokerage today to discuss your freight requirements.



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