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Expert Customs Brokers in Perth

Cargoconnect are expert Customs Brokers in Perth, helping Western Australian businesses and individuals to comply with all relevant border controls when importing goods from overseas. Our expert team of Perth Customs Brokers can ensure your consignments move as quickly and cost efficiently as possible through the border and into Australia.

If you’re importing goods into Western Australia, a Customs Broker such as Cargoconnect, can act on your behalf to arrange the necessary steps to comply with Australia’s strict border controls.

What exactly does a Perth Customs Broker do?

Our network of experienced Perth Customs Brokers draw on years of experience to assist in the classification of goods, acquisition of relevant permits and calculation of duties and taxes payable upon arrival of your freight.

Importing freight into Western Australia without following the correct procedures can result in costly delays, including bond storage costs and in some extreme cases, destruction of your goods. Cargoconnect’s Customs Brokers can deal directly with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Biosecurity on your behalf, and provide expert guidance throughout the importation process to ensure your consignment passes smoothly into the country.

We work around the clock to ensure there are no nasty surprises as your freight moves through the international supply chain.


When should I Engage a Customs Broker?

Ideally, we recommend you contact us before arranging your freight into Perth to avoid any unforeseen delays at the border. However, if you have goods in transit, or possibly held in a Bonded Store in Perth, we can provide assistance in providing the swiftest possibility for clearing your goods through Customs and Biosecurity.

Cargoconnect is a Full Service Perth Logistics provider offering everything from Customs Brokerage, to Freight Forwarding and Warehousing. This allows us to provide an unmatched level of service in the logistics industry and sets us apart from the competition.

Contact your local experts in Perth Customs Brokerage today to discuss your requirements.


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