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Whether you’ve purchased a boat from interstate, or need to send your own for maintenance or repairs - If you need to transport a boat or yacht by road anywhere throughout Australia, get in touch with us at Cargoconnect now on 1300 580 838



Boat haulage requires a higher level of care and attention than most other consignments due to their often oversize dimensions and the fragility and cost of hulls and other components. Often larger boats or yachts will require specialised transporters that are specifically designed to carry your boat in the safest possible manner with the least risk of damage.

Road transport is generally the most popular option for boat transport in Australia due to its cost effectiveness and speed in comparison with hiring a company to captain your vessel for water delivery. This also places less hours on your motors and avoids higher fuel costs.

Cargoconnect have over 30 years in the transport industry and are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service from the initial quoting stage through to delivery of your boat or yacht to its destination.

Cargoconnect’s network of freight partners are able to assist with all types of boat haulage, from small tinnies through to the largest of yachts. Give us a call now on 1300 580 838 to discuss your boat transport requirements with our expert freight forwarders in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and let us tailor the safest solution for transporting your pride and joy.